Election Law

While the calling to public office or entry into the public arena to debate an issue is a noble endeavor, a political campaign is the legal equivalent of a corporation that raises and spends large amounts of money in a short period of time in a highly regulated industry. All the while, opponents, watchdogs, and government regulators are hunting for any slight slip-up, which will be exploited for political gain if found. Is management of this entity’s legal issues really a matter to leave to someone who hopes to figure out the law as they go?

The Rejent Firm can help your campaign incorporate, file for office, negotiate favorable contracts with landlords and vendors, comply with state and federal election laws (including onerous campaign finance rules), and fight to ensure that all valid votes, and only valid votes, are counted. From filing through post-election challenges, The Rejent Firm wants to take care of your campaign’s legal issues so that you can concentrate on achieving your goal of winning the election.

Kevin Rejent has undergone training through the Republican National Lawyers Association and served on party legal teams during several Presidential and mid-term elections. Let him put this experience to work for you and your campaign.