Small Business

You have the idea.  You’ve saved the money and obtained the financing.  You’re ready to make the leap and pursue your dream.  You need a partner who understands both the difficulties you face and the how to make the law work for you.

We understand small businesses because we are a small business.  We know the risks you have taken and the reasons you have taken them.  We also understand that you do not have unlimited resources to dedicate to legal service, but you need the advice you receive to be absolutely correct.  Small businesses deserve the same quality of legal services as Fortune 500 companies, and The Rejent Firm strives to provide that level of service at a rate more reasonable than the Fortune 500 companies are paying.

From business formation to dissolution and everything in between, The Rejent Firm wants to be your business’ legal partner.  We can advise you on the best business entity for your company, and help you with legal issues that can arise during your formation and early stages.

Once you are up and running, The Rejent Firm can help you negotiate leases and contracts, ensure corporate formalities are satisfied, address issues with employees, suppliers and customers, and put our years of litigation experience to work for you if needed.  When an issue arises, we will solve it effectively and efficiently, allowing you to dedicate your full attention to your growing business.